Namie Amuro Cancels Show in Singapore

Singapore - 19 April, 2103 - Midas Promotions has confirmed the cancellation of the Namie Amuro Asia Tour 2013, scheduled for 26th April. 

Negotiations with the artist’s management have been ongoing for several days, in order to find a resolution that would see the artist perform her first Singapore show. Late on the evening of 18 April, instructions were issued to Midas Promotions that the show would not take place. 

Midas Promotions explained the situation. “We have been working very hard for several days to reach an agreement with Namie Amuro’s team for a Singapore show. Unfortunately, we were unable to come to an agreement. While negotiations were taking place, we were not able to comment on the cancellation rumours. 

"All ticketholders will be fully reimbursed for the value of their tickets. Anyone holding tickets to the show must retain their original tickets in order to receive a refund. The full details and process for a refund are being finalized and will be communicated to ticketholders once we have confirmed details between us, the artist’s team and SISTIC." 

I know there are people here and some of my friends were gonna go!!! NOOOOOOO.

I’m not even going (I know I’m Singaporean but I’m overseas right now). BUT…. urg sad)

I’m thinking its due to low demand? Expensive tickets?Or overshadowed since I know the day they started selling the tickets was the same day Jay Chou(he is really popular and the queues for his tickets were so LONG.OMG ) started selling his. Idk, just some speculation.